A Year in Review: Threat Landscape for 2020

As we gratefully move forward into the year 2021, we have to recognise that 2020 was as tumultuous in the digital realm as it has in the physical world. From low level fraudsters leveraging the pandemic as a vehicle to trick victims into parting with money for non-existent PPE, to more capable actors using malware […]

2021 Threat Predictions Report | McAfee Blogs

The Year 2020 brought a historic pandemic and bad actors leveraging COVID-19-themed threats to test our security operations and our unprecedented shift to a remote work life. As we enter 2021, these concerns are still at the forefront, but we are also looking ahead to other cyber threats likely to confront us in the months and years ahead.   The December 2020 revelations […]

The Best Tools to Successfully Train Remote Employees

With the uptick in remote work that happened last year, traditional training methods have gone out the window in favor of procedures that work for remote employees. However, if remote employees are new for your business, it can be difficult to implement training measures that work for both you and your new hire. To make […]

McAfee Welcomes its ISO 27701 Certificate!

This post was also written by Darragh McMahon At McAfee, we adhere to a set of core values and principles – We Put the Customer at The Core, We Achieve Excellence with Speed and Agility, We Play to Win or We Don’t Play, We Practice Inclusive Candor and Transparency. And reaching the ISO 27701 enshrines […]

The Road to XDR | McAfee Blogs

XDR (eXtended Detection and Response) is a cybersecurity acronym being used by most vendors today.  It is not a new strategy. It’s been around for a while but the journey for customers and vendors has been slow for many reasons. For McAfee, XDR has been integral to our vision, strategy and design philosophy that has […]

4 Ways to Help Your Family Combat Cyber Threats in the New Year

No doubt, we have a lot to be hopeful for as we step into the New Year. We’ve adapted, survived, and learned to thrive under extraordinary circumstances. While faced with plenty of challenges, families successfully transitioned to working and learning from home like pros. So, as we set our intentions for 2021, we will need […]

What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)?

If you deal with the financial side of a business, you know how difficult it can be to get the information you need from all of the different departments. With enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, most of that information is organized into a single, centralized system, so you can easily find what you need. Keep […]

Bring on 2021! | McAfee Blogs

With 2021 approaching, it is a time to both reflect on the outstanding progress we have each made – personally and professionally, and warmly welcome a new chapter in 2021!   2020 has been one of the most unexpected years in our history. However, despite COVID-19, we had some amazing successes.  January brought McAfee our new CEO – Peter Leav. It’s hard to […]

Looking Ahead to 2021: The Things We’ll Carry Forward

Looking Ahead to 2021: The Things We’ll Carry Forward Right now, I’m thinking about how my life changed in 2020. Not so much in the sweeping and upending ways. More in the little ways. I’m thinking about the coping ways. The cobble-it-all-together ways. The little changes to make things work ways. There were plenty.  Now, […]