Cloud Storage In The Age Of Big Data


Data is growing. It has been growing since the inception of digital technology, and we continue to increase our reliance on cloud, even without noticing it. Everything that you save on your mobile app, most of it is instantly transferred to a cloud in order to keep your records safe and secure. In the event you lose your phone, you won’t lose your data, and so data has become invaluable to us. It has become a part of us. Our lives are made up of numbers and variables, along with behavioral statistics. Not only is it valuable to us because it is ours, it’s also valuable to companies that are invested in selling us the next big thing or convincing us that they have something that we need. Big data is the name coined to represent data that encompasses all of our online behavior. It can accurately predict what items we are in the market for, and when we’re most susceptible to making a purchase, therefore increasing its efficiency. Losing this data is losing the competitive streak that you have over your competitors, it means losing the upper hand over your clients and consumers. Knowing how to weld this wreathe …

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