Data Analytics and Customer Experience in 2021


Data analytics has been the buzzword for a very long time. No matter which industry you look forward to, you will find organizations chasing data analytics. But, as the world chases the technology now more than ever we need to dig down to understand if it is worth it. It is imperative to understand that data analytics has existed for a long time and the top tier companies in the world started leveraging it soon enough.Using Data Analytics for BusinessBut, what took other companies as long as the emergence of necessity. Organizations were able to successfully conduct business activities without any difficulties. They were doing business as usual and the customers they were getting were also comparable. But, with the advent of technology and favorable market policies, new organizations are coming into existence. As a result of this, the market competition is increasing unprecedentedly.So, the answer to why data analytics is being extensively deployed by organizations all over the world can be looked upon in two ways. One that the technological advancements today are rapid. In other words, we have far more and newer technology than we had a decade back. And more to this, technology has even become more …

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