Data Quality Can Make Or Break Your Healthcare Business


Whether it’s handwritten by a doctor on a sheet of paper or entered into a computer system, data plays a crucial role in healthcare. At an individual level, patient data determines the course of treatment. On a larger scale, aggregate data such as the number of patients with similar symptoms, demographics, number of patients admitted, etc. helps in the formulation of new medication and vaccinations. The type and amount of data collected is vast but for it to make sense and be useful, it must be organized, accurate and up to date. This is where data quality comes in. Without it, all you’d have would be a bunch of names and numbers.Accurate, Valid Data Determines Treatment Courses And ProceduresA doctor cannot treat a patient correctly unless he has access to the correct facts – what are the symptoms, the patient’s age and particulars, his medical history, etc. If the original data being collected is not accurate, the wrong impression may be created. Instances where accuracy in data for healthcare is important includes:· Recording of the patient’s identification details with correct spellings· Relevant facts and …

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