Doom Eternal expansion The Ancient Gods Part One arrives October 20


Bethesda and id Software announced that the first single-player campaign expansion for Doom Eternal is The Ancient Gods Part One, and it will debut October 20. It appeared during Geoff Keighley’s Opening Night Live streaming event at Gamescom 2020 today.

The Ancient Gods will focus on the imbalance of power in heaven and how our favorite hero, the Doom Slayer, fits into that. If you are a completionist and read all of the text-based lore in Doom Eternal, you’ll probably know something about what this means.

The studio showed a video of the gameplay with a lot of bosses, including familiar foes like the Cyberdemon, the Marauder, and the Khan Maykr (who actually died in the last game). The Marauders are some of the most difficult enemies, as you have to precisely block them as they attack you and launch a counterattack in a split-second. So seeing two of these guys in the trailer means bad news for players like me.

It is the first of a two-part story expansion for Doom Eternal.

The Ancient Gods, Part One will be available at no additional cost for players who own the $30 Doom Eternal Year One Pass or the Digital Deluxe edition of Doom. It will sell as a standalone expansion for $20.

Players do not need to own Doom Eternal to purchase and play The Ancient Gods, Part One. Doom Eternal is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X as a free upgrade for current-gen owners when those versions are available, so if you own it on PS4 or Xbox One, you won’t need to buy it again to play it on the new consoles.

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