EU companies in China should 'prepare for the worst' in digital decoupling: report


BEIJING (Reuters) – Digital decoupling between China and the United States could severely impact EU businesses in China and they should “prepare for the worst” and may be forced into a costly separation of their international operations, European business groups said.
While political, trade and financial decoupling are concerning, China-U.S. rivalry in the technology sphere is set to cause the biggest upset, the European Chamber of Commerce in China and MERICS, a Berlin-based think tank, said in a report released on Thursday.
Just as the United States is attempting to purge its networks of Chinese-made software and components, China, which is heavily dependent on imports of semiconductors, is pushing for digital self-reliance, it said. European companies are caught in the middle.
Chamber president Joerg Wuttke,speaking at a briefing ahead of the report’s launch, warned of a “gathering storm”.

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