Experts who wrestled with SolarWinds hackers say cleanup could take months – or longer


By Raphael Satter
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Cybersecurity expert Steven Adair and his team were in the final stages of purging the hackers from a think tank’s network earlier this year when a suspicious pattern in the log data caught their eye.
The spies had not only managed to break back in – a common enough occurrence in the world of cyber incident response – but they had sailed straight through to the client’s email system, waltzing past the recently refreshed password protections like they didn’t exist.
“Wow,” Adair recalled thinking in a recent interview. “These guys are smarter than the average bear.”
It was only last week that Adair’s company – the Reston, Virginia-based Volexity – realized that the bears it had been wrestling with were the same set of …

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