How Hybrid Work Strategies Will Evolve In 2021


Last year was the biggest disruptor tech leaders have ever faced. Some have benefited from the disruption, others have been bled dry by it. Globally, Covid-19 has hurt their revenues and business models of many businesses across a wide array of industries. Though the pandemic has pushed CIOs to the limits of their capabilities, forcing them to be more innovative than they have ever been. Many businesses have folded in the wake of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. The role of CIOs has never been bigger, with technology playing an ever more vital role in the survival strategies of companies and ensuring good customer and employee experience.

The pandemic has led to a number of trends, from a digital transformation that has seen businesses migrate data to cloud solutions, to an increased automatization of services, as well as increased use of analytics to uncover insights from data. Now more than ever, developing a hybrid work strategy to set a floor on employee experience.

Drog Poleg has spoken about the rise of remote work and how, because so many tasks have been shifted online, remote workers have more market power than ever, because they can compete globally, without the pressure to live in …

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