Improve Customer Service Experience: Take the AI Way


There is a lot more buzz around the need to improve customer experience than guidance on doing that. Major blame for the issues goes to the insatiable expectations of the customers. No matter how exceptional your customer service experience is, customers will get used to it within some time, and it won’t feel exceptional. Hence, innovation is the fundamental driving force of exceptional customer service experience. Going back a few years in the time, a cab’s arrival within minutes of booking made me feel special. Today, I judge the same cab service based on the music the driver plays, how shiny the car seats, and whatnot. Interestingly, my favorite cab service has been keeping up well on these factors and has created a separate rating option for them. I have remained a loyal customer for years; I have always believed that I am just one bad experience away from trying their competitor.I hope not every customer is as ungrateful as I am. However, there are many more like me, and brands have to maintain a headstart to deliver exceptional customer service experience. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the headstart you need. Here is how:PersonalizationGreat customer service experience comes with fine-tuning every …

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