Japan's Sony and Kioxia seeking U.S. approval to supply to Huawei: Nikkei


TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan’s Sony Corp and memory chipmaker Kioxia Holdings Corp have applied for U.S. approval to continue supplying Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, Nikkei reported on Sunday.
If confirmed, the move follows other tech companies such as Intel Corp that recently received licences from U.S. authorities.
With U.S.-China ties at their worst in decades, Washington has been pushing governments around to world to squeeze out Huawei, arguing that the telecoms giant would transfer data to the Chinese government for espionage.
Huawei is one of the top customers for Sony’s image sensors for smartphones. Kioxia Holdings Corp is the world’s No. 2 maker of flash memory chips and a Huawei supplier.
Nikkei https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Huawei-crackdown/Sony-and-Kioxia-seek-US-approval-to-bypass-Huawei-ban said without U.S. licenses, Sony and Kioxia would face risk to their earnings.

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