Orchard raises $69 million to develop machine learning for buying and selling homes


Orchard has raised $69 million to continue development of its machine learning technology that aims simplify the process of buying a home. Revolution Growth led the round, which included money from FirstMark, Navitas, Accomplice, and Juxtapose.

Orchard has now raised a total of $138 million, a sign that investors are bullish on its algorithms potential to disrupt the real estate market. The company offers services that enable the entire experience — including listing a home, searching for a home to buy, making an offer, and closing the sale — to be handled virtually.

This has the potential to eat into a legacy business that forces buyers and sellers to navigate the intricacies of paperwork and the idiosyncrasies of brokerage firms. But it’s even more tantalizing during the COVID-19 crisis, when the ability to travel and view homes is sharply curtailed.

Traditional real estate firms and startups have been racing to respond to the pandemic with more aggressive digitization efforts. In March, real estate brokerage company Redfin said requests for video-based home tours had increased 494% in just one week. Zillow reported a 533% increase in 3D home tour creations between February and March, and it later announced new tools that allow renters to sign leases virtually.

Orchard is targeting the entire home buying chain. Founded as Perch in 2017, the company rebranded to Orchard earlier this year. Its overall mission is to digitize the real estate market, with a big focus on one of the trickiest aspects: helping customers who are trying to sell their current home while simultaneously buying a new one. Lining up both of these transactions can be a massive headache. But Orchard has developed a solution that mixes machine learning, rapid human assistance, and some financial products to help bridge any potential gap.

Orchard brings machine learning into play primarily through its search function. Back in March, the company launched Home Match and Photo Switch to personalize the search for homes. Home Match uses an algorithm that creates a more robust personalized search service covering a wider parameter of features. Beyond just looking at the number of rooms, for instance, someone can search for more specific kitchen amenities, a type of floor plan, and specific features like a back yard. The results for an area are ranked by how well they correspond to the buyer’s wishlist.

This feature is complemented by Photo Switch, which uses computer vision and machine learning to scan interior and exterior photos of every home to add more precise details about the property to the database. This allows additional visual comparisons in the search engine. Once a buyer finds a property, the entire bidding and closing process is digitized, including the title and mortgage. To help with financing, in July Orchard launched a financial product called Orchard Home Loans. In a trial of the loan product, the company said 50% of customers in Texas opted for its service to help facilitate their transaction.

To help those simultaneously buying and selling, the company also offers a 90-day financial instrument called Move First. Orchard essentially agrees to buy the old home so customers can satisfy the requirements to get a new mortgage. Most of those houses then sell to new buyers during that window.

Orchard is now operating in Texas, Colorado, New York, and Georgia. It has recently moved into the Denver and Atlanta markets. The latest round will be used to continue product development and eventually expand into new territories.

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