PlayStation 5: How it looks when it auto-records a Trophy moment


Trophies have been a significant part of the PlayStation ecosystem since Sony introduced them during the PlayStation 3’s life. Initially a counter to Microsoft’s Achievements system for Xbox, Trophies have given PlayStation fans a reason to not just beat their games but to also challenge themselves by tackling harder difficulties or by searching for secrets.

Trophies are back in PlayStation 5, and the console will now automatically record your gameplay moments when you unlock them. This is a step up from what we had on PlayStation 4, which would just snap a screenshot of the occasion.

Above is an example of an auto-recorded Trophy I earned during Astro’s Playroom’s first level. I came across this one by surprise, as I was just exploring the stage (admiring the rubber ducks) when I jumped off of a diving board and collected some coins.

Once recorded, you can review the clip in the PS5’s media library. From there, you can upload it to social media or transfer the video file to a USB stick.

Compared to the PS5’s SSD drive or its feature-rich controller, this may seem like a small deal for the new console. And it’s something that the aging Xbox One does. But it’s nice to see this upgrade for PS5, and the overlay that the console adds to the recoding is pretty spiffy.

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