Progressive Democrats urge action on tech as potential Google lawsuit looms


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – With expectations of a U.S. government lawsuit against Alphabet’s Google within weeks, two progressive Democrats tweeted support for legal action against tech giants who break the law, in a rare instance of agreement with the Republican administration amid a polarized political environment.
The tweets come as the Justice Department, which has been conducting an antitrust investigation of Google and others, plans to bring a lawsuit against the search and advertising giant as soon as this month, according to sources who said that the probe focused on search and advertising.
Senator Elizabeth Warren, long a critic of Big Tech, tweeted late Thursday that Google “uses its size to bully competitors.”
In her tweets, she reiterated concerns from more than a year ago when she called for antitrust enforcers to force Big Tech firms like Amazon and Facebook to unwind some mergers. Google, she said …

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