Quantum Internet Explained


Building a quantum internet is a key ambition for many countries around the world, such a breakthrough will give them competitive advantage in a promising disruptive technology, and opens a new world of innovations and unlimited possibilities.Recently the US Department of  Energy (DoE) published the first blueprint of its kind, laying out a step-by-step strategy to make the quantum internet dream come true,. The main goal is to make it impervious to any cyber hacking. It will “metamorphosize our entire way of life,” says the Department of Energy. Nearly $625 million in federal funding is expected to be allocated to the project. A quantum internet would be able to transmit large volumes of data across immense distances at a rate that exceeds the speed of light. You can imagine all the applications that can benefit from such speed.Traditional computer data is coded in either zeros or ones. Quantum information is superimposed in both zeros and ones simultaneously. Academics, researchers and IT professionals will need to create devices for the infrastructure of quantum internet including: quantum routers, repeaters, gateways, hubs, and other quantum tools. A whole new industry will be born based on the idea of quantum internet exists in parallel to the current ecosystem of companies we …

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