Technology Trends in the Personal Care Market


The personal care industry has always been one to embrace trends and push them forward. Today, across all sectors, one of the most pervasive trends is one of technological transformation. Beauty and self-care companies have dived headfirst into this movement as the industry now stands on the edge of a new, digital era.In 2018, L’Oreal announced plans to become the number one beauty tech company, departing from a focus on beauty alone. This pivot is representative of the sector as a whole, which is becoming increasingly tech-centric. Here are five examples of cutting-edge technology trends personal care companies are pursuing.Hyper-PersonalizationOffering a product line that fits every skin tone or need has been a challenge for beauty companies. Many are now embracing AI to enable a high level of personalization, combatting this issue. For example, some companies use AI to scan a customer’s face, find the exact foundation color match.This mass personalization trend goes beyond aesthetics, too. A company called Proven Skin Care uses AI to scan millions of data points, producing health recommendations for different products according to users’ unique skin needs. Thanks to these analytics tools, customers can find products that work for them, no matter their specific situation.WearablesWearable …

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