The Gamification of Motoring: How Mini Games in Motoring Can Promote Safe Driving and Boost Loyalty


For decades, the world of gaming has challenged itself to look to the automotive industry for inspiration and advice on how to develop video games, but are we beginning to witness a role reversal as more car manufacturers look to game developers in a bid to retain customers?From the early days of Gran Track 10 to the astounding accuracy of the Gran Turismo series, racing video games have drawn on the thrill of driving to become a gaming genre that continually ranks among the most popular among players.

(Image: Game World Observer)Recent observations from Game World Observer places racing games among mobile gaming, illustrating the genre can seamlessly evolve to suit new devices. The success of car-based video games has inspired the motoring industry to look for more solutions from the world of gaming in a bid to improve manufacturer marketability and customer retention – and already we’re seeing evidence of successful strategies that companies are adopting in a bid to emulate the success of their virtual counterparts. Gamification to Secure The FutureGamification has long been highlighted as an effective way of encouraging user participation in apps, workout …

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