The Impact Of AI On Cybersecurity


Artificial intelligence is a term that many science fiction fans are well aware of. However, in recent years, it has gone from fiction pages into reality, as more and more developers are leveraging software’s ability to teach itself. New languages and techniques have sprouted up to help machines teach themselves the best way to do things. While this has made for faster development cycles in some industries, it has been met with alarm in other quarters. Cybersecurity, for example, relies on staying ahead of threats and predicting the steps of malicious users. Depending on your perspective, AI can have either a negative or a positive impact on cybersecurity. But which one weighs heavier on the industry?The Changing Face of CybersecurityWe are currently at a crossroads in the development and evolution of cybersecurity software. Tech Radar mentions that the comparison of cybersecurity as an arms race against malicious users holds true in the modern age to a great extent. Staying ahead of threats is the only way that professionals can guarantee that their enterprise systems remain safe. However, it has become increasingly difficult to do so. While there is a much more efficient distribution method for cybersecurity experts with the modern …

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