Transforming Big Data to Competitive Intelligence for Achieving Competitive Advantage


Organizations strive to gain a competitive edge in their industry by several means like strongly orienting their leadership strategy, empowering their branding strategies, and importantly nurturing technology-based competitive strategy. To perform the last aspect, they have to spend their time and resources in large-scale data gathering and analytics of competitive differentiation. And, to manage the process of competitive analysis, one has to deal with a tremendous amount of data that is available on various sources to get relevant competitive and market intelligence. But the main challenge for the organizations is to leverage this data for achieving their business objectives in the hypercompetitive world that we are in.Hence, in this article, we will understand the process of converting big data into an essential competitive advantage tool.Mine the insights with Artificial Intelligence-based Competitive Intelligence SolutionOrganizations begin competitive and market analysis with secondary research of their respective competitors. They dig-in to their business orientations, product and service positionings, sales triggers, battle cards, marketing strategies, and stay up-to-date with the important happenings around their industry. This gives them an idea about their market and the trends of the market. One cannot forget to analyze details about the customer and prospects’ of the product or …

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