What Is In The Cloud?


If I were to answer this question in one sentence, I would say — “The Cloud is full of IT resources offered for rental” It could have been the shortest article about Cloud Computing. However, I have another definition of Clouds that will be provided at the end of this post. Read on…before that, let us focus on the definition given above and define what IT resources can be offered for rental and why this concept has become so popular for the last few years.

IT versus Non-IT

For the sake of better illustration, let us divide all businesses into two categories:

IT — companies which revenue is primarily generated from producing and selling IT resources and services (such as hardware and software vendors, service integrators etc.)
Non-IT — companies that core business is not related to IT (all other industries)

Nowadays, It is tough to find a company that does not use at least some type of software — it can be a simple Excel spreadsheet, communication services like Zoom or a complex ERP system. All this software is hosted on (running on top) of some underlying hardware. All software or application can be grouped into three types: desktop, mobile and web depending on …

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