Why Autonomous Cars Still Aren't On Our Roads


The BBC mentions that Elon Musk of Tesla states that they were very close to having a breakthrough in self-driving vehicle technology. However, if you asked someone in the 50s whether we’d have self-driving cars by the time 20202 rolled around, they’d have probably said yes. Science fiction has sold us the idea of self-driving vehicles for years, and technology has been aiming for this goal. Technology can solve almost any problem that it sets itself to. Unfortunately, with self-driving cars, it’s not just one single problem. In this article, we’ll examine why it’s so hard to realize the dream of self-driving vehicles.

There are Sensors for Everything

If we think about a self-driving car as a person, then for that person to navigate their local area, they’ll need to see and hear everything around them. Sensors are how the autonomous cars “see” and “hear.” The problem is that these sensors are tuned to working in laboratory conditions. In the real world, issues such as weather, temperature, and even graffiti on road signs make it difficult for self-driving cars always to be aware of their surroundings. For self-driving cars to function as expected, all sensors have to work in every possible condition …

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