Why is Automated Machine Learning Important?


A radical shift in the way enterprises of all scales address machine learning and data engineering is defined by Automated Machine Learning (AutoML). It is time-consuming, resource-intensive, and difficult to apply conventional machine learning approaches to real-world business concerns. In Data Science, Automated Machine Learning is one of the powerful fields of study. For anyone who isn’t skilled in machine learning and intimidating for existing data scientists. By eliminating the need for data scientists, the way AutoML has been presented in the media makes it seem capable of fully revolutionizing the way we build models. Although, we are in the field of developing AutoML as a tool to increase the productivity of active data scientists and simplify the method to create it more available for those entering the industry. Owing to the introduction of MLops platforms and applications that help machine learning lifecycle management to automate the ML training, that was a challenge that is solved now.

As a method for completely automating the process, AutoML is a fantastic concept on paper, but it offers many opportunities for prejudice and confusion in the real world. The field of machine …

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