Why the arrival of Google Stadia may lead to big things for augmented reality


In March 2019, Google made an announcement that had huge ramifications for the wide world of gaming. Stadia is on its way and with it comes a brave new era of video game streaming. The arrival of Google Stadia has caused a stir in the gaming community, but its rather significant implications for Augmented Reality hasn’t commanded much media coverage over the past few months. So now seems like an ideal time to take a deeper look into Stadia itself, and what it means for the fledgeling field of AR.Introducing StadiaEven without taking the effort to dip into its wide-reaching implications, Google Stadia is a revolutionary concept that challenges the very need for the console-based gaming that’s commonplace today. Stadia is entirely cloud-based, meaning that Google’s servers handle all the processing power that users need before beaming a fully fledged, high-quality video game directly to their television. With Stadia, the concept of downloading content will be a thing of the past. There are no installation processes to worry about either. Games are simply streamed directly onto any compatible device – from TVs to PCs, to laptops, to smartphones. Subscriptions to Google’s Stadia Pro service starts at around £8.99 per month …

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