Will 5G Give Rise to More Autonomous Construction Equipment?


5G has been in the headlines for quite a while — with promises for big changes. One area that will benefit from these changes is the construction industry. It’s home to a vast amount of technology and mechanical equipment, making it a prime field for integrating 5G. The results will then be more autonomous tech in construction. The Need for 5GConstruction covers a range of sectors and equipment types. From remote monitoring to machine safety to robotic machinery, experts have a lot to work with. The industry would not be where it is today without technology. However, various updates could make everything more connected and autonomous. For instance, plenty of devices take up bandwidth on and off the worksite — from wireless sensors to equipment trackers to mobile communication devices. As these devices and machines add up, data connections can become slower and slower. A cellular network like 4G will no longer be able to support it all. Instead, construction businesses and workers will need to use 5G for all technology. This will improve connectivity — job sites require real-time communication and information transmission. A key difference, though, is that through 5G integration, more automation can come into play.Once construction …

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