SEO and Artificial Intelligence: Ways AI Will Impact SEO In 2020


In the not-so-distant past, artificial intelligence was the stuff of science fiction movies and novels. Not so anymore. The groundbreaking technology has kick-started a fresh wave of technological innovation and it sweeps across every sector.

As the digital landscape has been the most influenced by artificial intelligence, digital marketing is not exempt, especially SEO. More marketers and SEO experts report adopting AI tools and methods to outperform their competitors. That is inevitable, since search engines, led by Google triggered the wave of AI changes in SEO.

The best advantage of AI in SEO is how it makes it easier to work at scale. Some impacts on different aspects of SEO are examined below.


The most obvious manifestation of AI in SEO is in how it is changing how search queries are processed. Google itself has released major AI updates to its algorithm for text-based searches. Likewise, AI has tremendous impacts on voice searches, which are increasing rapidly.


The RankBrain update introduced the extra dimension of artificial intelligence to SEO. It was introduced in 2015 as an upgrade to the earlier Hummingbird update. With Hummingbird’s ‘semantic search’, Google could analyze the context of search queries, rather than just the exact words. RankBrain took a step further in intelligently deciphering search intent. Using machine …

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