Should You Work as an Outsourced Employee?


Outsourcing is the shifting of non-core business functions from in-house to an outside third-party company or contractor. Given how widespread it’s becoming, you may find yourself wondering if a career as an outsourced employee could be right for you.

When it was initially introduced, the practice of outsourcing focused on lower-level functions like data entry and payroll. However, it has expanded to include higher-level functions like research and various IT services (see Bairesdev). This diversity of skills makes being an outsourced worker a realistic choice for a long-term career.

Job Stability

The stability of the outsourcing industry is demonstrated by its growth. The global outsourcing market grew from $45.6 billion in 2000 to $92.5 billion in 2019. This increase is largely driven by the cost savings, increased efficiencies, and access to expertise and advanced technology that companies achieve through the use of this staffing strategy.

Those benefits aren’t likely to change in the future, so working for an outsourcing company could become a long-term career with real opportunities for advancement and promotion as outsourcing continues to expand.

While many have the opportunity to choose whether to work as an outsourced employee from the outset, others may be pushed into the decision by their employer. If …

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