Slides: Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) in All the Right Places in the Data Value Chain

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  • Slides: Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) in All the Right Places in the Data Value Chain

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About the Webinar

Data and Analytics are fundamental to digital transformation, yet many companies are still under-utilizing them. To go full throttle, AI and automation technologies can be added across the full spectrum of your data journey to truly re-imagine processes and business models.

Join Information Builders for this webinar on how AI:

  • Augments your traditional business intelligence and analytics systems
  • Minimizes manual inefficiencies with the way data is generated, collected, cleansed, and organized
  • Helps you realize substantial performance gains with use cases such as churn forecasting, predictive maintenance, supply chain planning, risk mitigation, and more

About the Speakers

Vincent Deeney

Senior Director, World Wide Strategic Services, Information Builders

Vincent leads Information Builders Global Strategic Services team that support Analytics, Data Integration, and Data Governance. He brings almost 20 years of experience in the Data Integration and Data Management space, including Data Quality and Master Data Management.

Aditya Sriram

Senior AI Strategist, World Wide Strategic Services, Information Builders

Aditya Sriram is a Ph.D. candidate in the faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo where he is a member of KIMIA Lab (Laboratory for Knowledge Inference in Medical Image Analysis). He brings an extensive understanding of how Artificial Intelligence moves research and industries forward.

Since 2011, his research activities encompass content-based retrieval of medical images using machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision approaches. He has developed learning schemes and descriptors for medical imaging and published his works in top-tier journals and conferences. Aditya Sriram has vast industrial experience and has worked with several companies.

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