Social events

Social events are decisive for our personal and professional development.

Professional learning

We believe that it is essential to follow the trends and developments.

Therefore ITcareersholland strives to attend Seminars, Webinars, Masterclasses, (online) courses. To understand our business we read white papers, study online, get certifications and most important talk with professionals in the field.

Furthermore we stay connected with the HAN University to inspire people and be inspired by great professionals.

Events in 2020

To visit intercultural events together with others it is nice to have an overview of all upcoming events in 2020.

If you click on social events, you will find more information about social occasions and cultural events in the Netherlands.

Connecting global minds
If you would like to come in contact with other expats in your city and connect and share experiences, click here

Events ITcareersholland 2019

Guest lecture
Lecture entrepreneurship at the HAN University
Recruiters Telling Stories

Events ITcareersholland 2020

HAN University
Start academy (Workshop ITcareersholland)
Presentation Max
"Recruiters Telling Stories" 2020


Corona, Verona March 2020
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