Street Fighter V’s last character pass includes Akira from Rival Schools


Capcom has announced four new characters coming to Street Fighter V as part of its Season 5 pass, which will be the last one for the game.

This includes Akira Kazama, a fighter from Capcom’s Rival Schools series. This is exciting news for old-school fighting game fans, as we haven’t had an entry in the Rival Schools series since the 2000 release of Project Justice for the old Sega Dreamcast.

The other new characters will include Dan, Rose, and Oro. You can see the roadmap for their releases above. The season pass also includes one character that Capcom has not announced yet. Season 5 also includes new stages, costumes, and more.

Street Fighter V debuted in 2016. Since then, Capcom has supported the fighter by releasing new characters via season passes. This has helped make Street Fighter V a money-maker long after its release. It gives people who already bought the game a reason to keep coming back (and spend more money). And with the pandemic going on, players buying things like Street Fighter season passes are helping Capcom reach record earnings.

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