Suikoden successor Eiyuden Chronicle hits Kickstarter goal in first day


Eiyuden Chronicle launched its Kickstarter campaign today, and the successor to the Japanese role-playing game series Suikoden has already met its $509,713 goal. It might have met that goal even earlier, but Kickstarter was down for a bit shortly after the campaign started, presumably due to overload from so many people visiting the page.

Kickstarter used to be a powerhouse for funding games, thanks to early successful campaigns like Mighty No. 9 and The Broken Age. That momentum has slowed down a little, but popular projects can still crowdfund some big bucks, including 2018’s BattleTech.

Suikoden became notable to JRPG fans due its large casts of characters and emotional stories. The first entry in the series came out in 1995. The last, Suikoden V, released in 2006. That’s a long wait for Suikoden enthusiasts, and a new entry seemed all but impossible when Konami scaled back development of all games back in 2015.

The campaign is going on until August 28, so it still has plenty of time to gather even more funds. That initial goal is just for a PC version, but console versions become unlocked at $1 million.

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