Tech Innovations Disrupting the Education World


Educating the future leaders and innovators is one of society’s most important tasks. It’s also an immensely challenging one, given the wide array of methods of learning and personalities, teacher shortages, lack of resources, and more. As the learning landscape changes, the education community is searching for new ways of reaching students.

EdTech, technology dedicated to providing educational software and solutions, is responding to the demand. And it’s doing so in innovative ways that are opening new learning opportunities for all kinds of students. Let’s review some of the new technologies that are reshaping the education field.

3D printing

3D printers have affected many industries, providing them with physical models of complex materials. It’s ideally suited for education since it allows learners to touch and look at objects they probably wouldn’t have been able to visualize or understand in real life. For example, biology students could perform dissections on 3D-printed organs, while history students could better comprehend historical artifacts that have been “recreated.”

Plus, this technology is entertaining and engaging, prompting learners to get excited about their studies.

Digital textbooks

Digital books read through e-readers like Kindles and iPads aren’t particularly new, but the ability to access textbooks online is becoming more ubiquitous. Not only do …

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