The Next Normal For The Ever-Changing Digital Workplace


The world has seen a huge amount of disruption over the last six months. The Covid-19 pandemic has swept across the globe at a rate that took many companies by surprise, in just how disruptive it has been to the workplace. With governments, companies and citizens alike underestimating the impact that this particular strand of coronavirus would have, it is fair to say that the next normal is here, and the way many companies are going to operate has changed forever.

Make no mistake, businesses will not want to be caught out in the same way that they were back in January 2020. With huge numbers of employers caught ‘on the hop’, now is the time for enterprises across the globe to put into place plans for future events of a similar nature, and plenty are heeding the call to do just that. Companies that formerly had rigid structures in their workflows are now learning to react quickly to changes in working conditions, to enable them to continue their day to day practices with minimal disruption.

For some, it is already too late, as a quick glance at any economy section of a news site will attest to. Doors have closed permanently …

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