The Role of AI in the Growing Smart Homes Trend


Smart technology is a growing trend. These devices help you navigate your everyday life — whether you’re getting directions or locking your doors from your phone while on the go. When you put these innovations together, you get a smart home. In these homes, artificial intelligence (AI) plays a significant role in bringing “smartness” to the next level.The Rise of Smart HomesTechnology has been growing on somewhat of an exponential curve in the last decade. With the rise of smartphones, tech has taken the world to new and groundbreaking places. Lately, there’s been an increasing trend with residential households being “smart” — which experts predict will surpass 300 million homes in 2023. Technology that only did one or two jobs is now going above and beyond to cater to personal needs and preferences to create more energy-efficient homes that have better security and health features like monitoring filtered water and air quality. Two factors contribute to this rise of smart tech — AI and the Internet of Things (IoT). AI puts automation on a learning curve where devices adapt to your needs and constantly evolve. IoT, on the other hand, connects everything to the internet. It provides a network of …

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