The Top Metrics That Make a Difference for Software Development Teams


A software development project is sometimes a difficult thing to track in terms of meeting specific quantifiable goals. While business and project owners would undoubtedly say that they want to reach these goals, they fail to implement the necessary metrics into the software development process. Instead, the development process runs its course and the project may be completed but often at the cost of poor quality and many missed deadlines.

Why Use Software Development Metrics?

Software metrics are game-changers for both a software development company (such as BairesDev) and clients alike. Metrics empower teams with the ability to make the most efficient choices based on objective data instead of their own personal feelings. Metrics are similar to measurements but are more complex and require different measurements themselves.

In the software development process itself, metrics represent a set of quantifiable parameters and measurements that help teams track a variety of aspects during development. Not only do these metrics track overall team performance, but they also help determine the delivery speed, assess the accuracy of the product when compared to the initial requirements and expectations, define the amount of time spent in each phase of the process, and help teams refine their processes by pointing …

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