Top 3 HR Technology Use Cases


New-age technologies – Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and so on, are the next big frontier, even in Human Resources. A significant number of HR leaders propound that they are interested in applying AI in their talent management operations – from HR service delivery to employee management. According to a survey by Gartner, About 23% of organizations piloting the use case of AI in HR and recruitment. Organizations often adopt new technologies in human resources after having seen the proof of concepts in other business domains. In human capital management, AI and ML applications are being adopted in the employee as well as candidate facing situations. Here is a quick study of why organizations are adopting HR technology or HR analytics, and the top three use cases of AI and ML in human resources management. 5 Reasons Why HR is adopting
New-Age Tech There is a combination of direct and indirect benefits that leaders see in new tech. They are positively impacting HR operations and infrastructure. However, one challenge that most faces is that of cost. That said, the solutions have proven to be paying for themselves after a few years. Here are the benefits of HR …

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