Understanding Demand Driven Requirements Planning (DDMRP)


DDMRP, which is also known as Demand Driven Requirements Planning is an innovative method available to plan both inventories as well as materials. This can provide a large number of benefits to a company. That’s because a company that adhere to DDMRP will be able to offer products to the market and cater the specific requirements that exist in it. In the meantime, it is also possible to make better actions and decisions at the time of planning as well.Five components of DDMRPWhen you deep dive and take a look at Demand Driven Requirements Planning, you will be able to discover five main components in it. These are sequential components. This sequence and the relationship that exist in between the element refers to position, pull and protection.Here’s a quick overview of the five components:- Strategic inventory positioning This is where you come up with the decision to decouple the points that are placed.- Buffer profile and levelsWhen it comes to buffer profiles and levels, you can figure out the level of protection that is associated with the decoupling points.- …

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