What are the steps Should be Included in a Data Cleansing Process?


Invalid, incomplete, duplicate, untargeted, unstandardized, and non-compliant data leads to inefficiencies and faltered revenues. Ensuring data quality and database integrity is similar to working out and eating healthy. Every organization knows how important it is, but they hardly do anything as often they should. The symptoms of data quality neglect show long after most of the damage is already done.Your company’s database quality depends on your ability to identify, correct, or reject dirty data before it enters your database and corrupt its integrity. Equally important it is to ensure that you adhere to the data cleansing best practices to regularly update and eliminate bad data.Here are 5 major steps of data cleansing process:

1. Define your databaseThe first step towards a clean and accurate database is to define your database. Without absolute clarity about what type of data should exist in the database; you cannot focus your efforts on deriving business strategies for generating revenues. And, expecting your database to deliver optimal value in such a scenario is like a far-fetched possibility.2. Locate the causes of dirty dataNow that you have defined what your sales lead data should comprise; …

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