What Keeps Analytics And Data Science Executives Up At Night?


One way to explore what trends may be emerging is to talk to people about what has them most excited or worried about the future. In the analytics and data science space, a recurring theme among experienced leaders is the concern of not being able to keep up with all of the rapid change taking place – both individually and as a team. New algorithms, platforms, data, business partners, and more are constantly challenging analytics leaders’ ability to stay current on everything they oversee.The Rise of Complexity and DisruptionUntil well into the 2000’s, the number of tools and platforms for performing analytics was relatively small. Virtually all analytic logic was coded using SAS, SQL, or (sometimes) SPSS. Most data use for analysis was stored in a relational database or (sometimes) a mainframe. The majority of analytics being pursued at major corporations involved classic statistical and forecasting models. Nothing was easy, but skill needs were concentrated in a few core areas. Analytics generalists ruled the day, and generalists filled roles from the bottom to the top of the analytics organization.Given the past stability of the space, even executives who had not done hands-on work for a number of years were still …

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