Worms Rumble ditches turn-based combat for real-time action


Team17 announced Worms Rumble today, the latest installment in the long-running franchise. A PC beta will start July 15.

The Worms series started in 1995. The franchise focuses on turn-based combat on a 2D battlefield, with teams fighting to eradicate the other side’s worms with rockets, grenades, mines, and more. This will be the first new game in the series since Worms W.M.D.‘s release in 2016.

Worms Rumble, however, will feature real-time action. Instead of controlling a team, each person takes charge of a single worm in matches that support 32 players. You can compete in deathmatch and battle royale modes. Unlike most battle royale experiences, the fighting will happen on a 2D plane. While some Worms games have experimented with 3D, the 2D installments remain the most popular and fondly remembered.

Worms Rumble will also come out for PlayStation 4, and it will support crossplay with the PC version.

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